Features of a Great Publisher

12 Apr 2021

Even if you are a great author, you need an equally good publisher to ensure your work achieves the desired effect. A good publisher should offer numerous post-script services such as editing/proofreading, cover designs, copyright protection, and promotion of a publication once it is produced.

Going Digital With Desktop Publishing

8 Mar 2021

The printing press is one of the publishing tools that have undergone immense evolution over the years. Today, it is aided by technological advancements such as desktop publishing. This is the use of software on a computer to do much of the layout work that printers previously did manually.

The Top Publishing Houses

4 Feb 2021

Although the work of publishers appears to be pretty much similar, some stand out in the trade. In the current publishing world, the most popular and famous houses include MacMillan, Harper Collins, Penguin Random House, Hachette Books, and Simon & Schuster, which wrap up the top five.